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Do Essay Writing Services Really Work?

There are countless companies offering online essay writing services to students pursuing different subjects in all levels of education. When you visit these companies’ websites, you find a lot of information promising students high quality papers that will earn them good marks in class. But one question that lingers in the minds of many students is, do essay writing services really work? The answer to this question is, yes! These services work. But, you have to be careful when selecting the company you want to use since some of the companies do not meet the criteria for reliable essay writing services.

The best and most reliable essay writing services use professional essay writing experts who provide students with excellent writing services. These services are quite helpful to students as they assist them in expressing their ideas better than they could on their own. Essay writing services that are good and trustworthy must meet the following criteria:

  • Confidentiality  
  • Writing from scratch
  • Plagiarism free
  • Ownership of the essay by the student
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Use of a secure payment method

To gain a deeper understanding of the above criteria, let’s discuss each further.

  1. Confidentiality

When placing your order on essay writing services websites, you will be asked to give your personal details such as your name, phone number and email. You might be scared that these details will be shared with third parties or be used to commit crimes such as fraud. However, legitimate essay writing companies have in place reliable confidentiality policies that protect your privacy. I assure you that such companies would not want to lose their clients due to issues of confidentiality. Thus, your information is safe.

  • Writing from scratch

Legitimate essay writing companies write your papers from scratch. In fact, such companies ask you to give the full instructions for your paper including the grading rubric from your professor/instructor. You should be careful if you come across a website that claims to sell prewritten essays since there is the danger of getting an essay that was written for someone else thus leading to plagiarism. You may also be conned and given the essay that you did not request for.

  • Plagiarism free

Legitimate essay writing services follow strict academic writing guidelines and ensure that they produce papers that are free from plagiarism. Using their team of professional writers, these essay writing services ensure that all their work is properly cited as per the given reference styles. Furthermore, there is no policy that bars students from enlisting the services of essay writing companies. Paying an expert to complete your paper does not amount to plagiarism since the expert has agree to surrender the essay ownership rights to the client who has paid for the order, thus making the customer the original author.

  • Ownership of the essay by the student

Given that the student has paid for the essay to be completed, the professional writer surrenders the full ownership of the essay to the student. Legitimate essay writing services do not claim ownership to any work that you have paid to be done. You should also rest assured that your essay will never be sold again to another student in the future since legitimate companies have in place a legally binding contract. And after all, such companies would not want to lose their customers by reselling their papers to others. However, you should always check the reputation of an essay writing company just to be sure that they will not violate the contract. You can do this by reading the reviews given by customers online.

  • Unlimited revisions

A reliable essay writing company allows its customers access to unlimited free revisions to satisfy the student’s requirements. However, the revision instructions should not contradict the initial instructions. Otherwise, a change of instructions would require new payment for the order to be completed. 

  • Use of a secure payment method

A legitimate essay writing website will use reliable payment methods since it has nothing to hide. Additionally, such companies are committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of their customers and would not disclose their information to any third parties.

Why do Students Use Essay Writing Services?

The answers to this question vary among students. For students whose English is a second language, essay writing services help them in expressing their ideas better than they could do on their own. This does not mean that these students do not understand English at all. In the real sense, these students are quite bright and have basic knowledge of the English language and use it well in writing exams, but when it comes to writing essays, they find it quite challenging to put their points across in a comprehensive manner. Essay writing services come to the rescue of these students and help them in gaining marks that they would have otherwise lost due to the challenge of English as a second language.

Students who work part-time are also big beneficiaries of essay writing services since they might find it challenging to balance between work and school. It does not mean that these students are dumb in class. No! These students cannot find the time to write the long essays required by their instructors due to the demanding nature of their jobs. Furthermore, these students do not have time to conduct the extensive research that is required when writing an essay. Thus, paying someone to help you carry this load is not a crime at all.

Students pursuing doctorate degrees are also great beneficiaries of essay writing services. With the volumes of writing that they have to write, PhD students opt to enlist the services of essay writing companies to assist them in typing their work, proofreading it and correcting any mistakes. The theses and dissertations of PhD students are prestigious works that should not have any errors at all since they are mostly published in international journals. Thus, to avoid such mistakes, PhD students use essay writing services.

The last group of students who use essay writing services are the lazy type who do not want to go through the trouble of writing essays. The highly demanding essay writing process does not attract the interest of these students, so they would rather pay someone to complete the essays for them.

Is it Ethical to Use Essay Writing Services?

To answer this question appropriately, I would like to ask you to place yourself in the shoes of an international student who understands everything in class, but since English is a second language, they cannot express their ideas properly. Or, place yourself in the shoes of that bright student who is working between jobs so as to be able to pay for their school fees. Or, imagine that you are pursuing your doctorate degree and have volumes of words to type. Wouldn’t you seek for assistance from essay writing services?

It might be easy to label students seeking essay writing services as “academic cheaters”, but once you understand the genuine reasons behind the use of these services, you will begin to see that there is nothing wrong with using such services. Thus, we can conclude that we cannot discard essay writing services since they play a crucial part in the lives of students especially those who are not native English speakers, those working part-time or those pursuing their PhD.

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